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"Right to Hygienic Periods"

Menstruation is intrinsically related to human dignity..

When people cannot access safe and effective means of managing their menstrual hygiene, they are not able to manage their menstruation with dignity.

Menstruation related teasing, exclusion and shame also undermines the principle of human dignity.

What happens when menstruation cannot be managed properly?

Lack of access to the right menstrual products may lead to infections such as yeast infection, vaginosis or urinary tract infections.

In some cases, women and girls do not have access to menstrual products at all. They may resort to rags, leaves, newspaper or other makeshift items to absorb or collect menstrual blood.

Out of a total of 40 crore menstruating women in India, less than 20% use sanitary pads. In urban areas, this number only goes up to 52%.

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