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This is the number 1 guiding principle of this program.
We don’t give you recorded videos and say, “Please follow. All the best!”

We walk with you every step of the way. When you falter, when you’re not feeling so good, we’re right by your side – to support, encourage, find solutions and make sure you achieve your fitness goals.

Healthy cooking is love made visible

Hey guys Im Preeti Seksaria.
I love cooking, long drives with good music and cold winter nights. Im a special education teacher as well as freedom partner since November 2021.
Why I love this movement - its a community of women that thrives on 'women power' - we cheer each other, encourage and support each other to go beyond ourselves. This is how we achieve miraculaous results - just as I did!

I feel so blessed to be able to help other women

I'm Sweta Shah.
My journey began with a thought of having a healthy lifestyle. I and my family have had health issues of high cholesterol and other lifestyle related challenges. I needed a sustainable and permanent solution.
I joined Freedom From PCOS family and never looked back since then.
Here I have developed healthy eating, better habits, better sleep, positive attitude and most important love for self and it was so much fun to get this transition.
As a freedom partner I feel so blessed to be able to help other women with what I experienced. I welcome you to this community and wish this light of happiness spreads to each and every family.

I can because I am super!

Hello Everyone,
I am Shreya Mundhra, Super Versatile, Super Cool and Super Organized. I love to interact with people...people say I can never be quiet🙈....and I love the chatterbox I am!! I love to love myself and also help others.
I welcome YOU all to the amazing PCOS Free World. Come let’s all join hands to see how a stress free, healthy and happy world looks like…!!!

People say you look like a santoor mom

Hello Everyone,
My self Vidya Bhandalkar, Super Versatile, jolly and Super Organized. I love to interact with people...people say you look like a santoor mom 🙈....I love myself and also help others. Over the course of time I have learnt to handle stress and tricky situations and the importance of Health. It has helped me to improve my relations with self, with body, mind and the world. It gives me immense pleasure to join hands with the vision of Freedom From PCOS team.
I welcome YOU all to the wonderful PCOS Free World. Come let’s all join hands to see how will become stress free, healthy and Happy world looks like…!!!

"Be good, do good"

Hey Folks, I am Mamta, a melophile, a gourmand and a time-keeper. In simple words I love listening to kishore da, have a heart for cooking and also a punctual soul. My quality time is an evening with friends and family. Also my association to Freedom from PCOS is an emotion, unexplainable in a few words. Thanks FFP.

If it's in your priority, you can do it. And if you can do it you should do it.

Hi I am Pooja Gandhi. I love talking to people, getting to know them, and helping them become better versions of themselve. My passion for exercising and keeping a fit mind has helped me grow in life which I want to share with everyone else..

Ritu mam was with me through the night when I had fever, and needed guidance and support.

Riya Sharma

I have bothered Deepika mam so many times but she always and always and always supported me and always said Ashna you are doing so well, sab ho jaega!

Payal sharma

My FP Deepika, you are such a positive soul who always keeps me going.

Richa Yadav

Even on days when a wake up at 4 AM, my Bhumika mam is there to help me with Pranayama. Now my breathing capacity has increased greatly. And I sleep well I can't thank her enough.

Palak Thakur

Sweta...she is a darling ! She helped me adopt a schedule even though I have never been discplined in my life.

Diya Singh