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Reverse PCOS Naturally in 12 Weeks

This is India’s first, most comprehensive, most enjoyable, most well supported, and NATURAL program for PCOS reversal. It’s true! (We’re not bragging! 🙂).

We’ve designed this in collaboration with gynaecologists, nutritionists, yoga gurus, fitness trainers, psychologists and sleep experts!

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Program Structure

  1. Personal medical consultation.
  2. Daily live sessions by experts.
  3. Recorded sessions if you miss live sessions.
  4. Dedicated 'Freedom Partners'.
  5. Smart habit looping APP

The Five Pillar
Holistic Wellness Program for PCOS

The mind and body have infinite potential (yes! Infinite!🙂)to heal. We’re more powerful than we think we are! We don’t need medicines, or ugly invasive procedures, and the mess of running to hospitals and doctors! No!!

Give the body and mind what they love, and see yourself become Superman!!
Supergirl, sorry!

Eat right

Your hormones are what you eat! When you adopt a hormone friendly diet, you reverse your PCOS disorder. Plus, you get healthy, feel alive and energetic! Naturally!

Move More

There are more than 37 trillion cells in your body. Yes! That’s 37 followed by 12 zeros! Like this, 37000000000000! When you don’t move enough, these cells get upset. And that isn’t good for health! ☹

Breathe Aware

Breathe in health and breathe out imbalance! We live on oxygen and incorrect breathing means insufficient oxygen for all those 37000000000000 cells. Help yourself be more alive with the right breathing techniques.

Sleep Better

Its not how long you sleep that matters alone. The magic is in the quality of sleep. There’s science to better quality sleep – we’ll teach you!

Mind Free

The mind is the ultimate ‘control captain’! What the mind decides, the body achieves! So when we train the mind to heal and renew, the body does too! Remember the mind and body are a 100% mirror reflection of each other!

PCOS Symptoms

All of this isn't good. Your body is telling you that there is something wrong inside. It could be some hormonal imbalance that leads to PCOS. This needs correction. That's why this program! We help you heal NATURALLY!

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Happy Members star

This 3 month program has completely changed my life. Apart from losing 11kgs of weight . I have benefited much more than that. I have gained self confidence, I have started loving myself, I have stopped overthinking about silly things . I have started enjoying my life

Nidhi Wadhwa

This is a shout out for the lovely team of pcos. The five pillars have been a life change in my life, I really don’t need to say anything My pictures say it all. I wish and pray for each gorgeous beauty to be free from pcos..

Teena Rupani

I would like to say my cycle have regularised since last 3 months without any medication which never happened before and now it’s 35 days cycle but at least it’s on time and will improve more . I am so happy and I have lost almost 8 kgs and lost good inches, Hairfall stopped, my skin has started glowing, feeling so confident.

Vrushali Berad

Physical changes lost around 5 kgs in total inches lost near my neck under bust tummy n hips.
Radiant glow on my face less hairfall bloating totally gone no Constipation naturally got my periods feel active being focused on what i am eating and the best thing seeing these changes in me others in my family also started following my healthy food habits

Preeti Agarwal

Thank you #Ritu and folk fitness team. Currently I am 63kg and hopping that I will reach 55kg soon and then will do a scan again to check my ovaries volume 😊 😊 Left one was me in 2019 Dec when I was 82kg and the right one is feb 2021 when I was 64kg.

Ankita Srivastava

This was looking very difficult couple of years ago, I had a miscarriage , a failed IUI and lots of different suggestions like IVF and a lot of stress and almost depressed. Aarti gave me confidence that it is possible naturally and I and my husband both started following the pillars diligently . I started experiencing amazing changes of regular periods , weight loss , great skin and hair and then finally it happened - I got pregnant naturally and delivered naturally too. Today i am mother of a one month old bundle of joy and I cant thank the entire team of Freedom From PCOS for this.

Geetika Joshi

I've always been so conscious and worried about my skin and the cystic acne. It used to always make me feel less confidence.
But now no more do I have to weep about it 🥰 The first picture you see was last September and the second one was August 2021 and drum roll please 🥰🥰🥰 the latest picture is of today, never been more happier and grateful of how my skin is improving 🥰

Adriana Rodrigues

Dare to wear- I am wearing shorts first time in my life, previously I felt like I will not look good in this and (Log kya kahenge) but once I heard from Aarti ma'am that Log kya kahenge ye bhi ham soche to Log kya sochenge. And now I am confident to wear it.
Glowing skin - everyone is telling me which facial you have done first time your skin is Glowing like this. My answer is it is detox, confidence & inner happiness facial.
Mindset- yes my Mindset has started to change from guiltiness to gratefulness. Thank you Aarti ma'am for guiding.

Pooja Gandhi

Program Registration

Reverse PCOS Naturally. We invite you to join our Freedom from PCOS batch starting every month.

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It might certainly depend upon the current status of PCOS. However, we are quite confident that if you adhere to recommendations, PCOS can be reversed within 12 weeks naturally.
You will get access to our portal, from where you can get recordings of daily sessions. So, even if you miss a session, you can always listen to the recordings.
We will provide you dedicated ‘Freedom Partners’ who will provide daily assistance for any queries you may have. Freedom partners are wellness experts who are trained in PCOS wellness.
The program begins with medical consultation, wherein you will be consulted by our senior Gynecologists based upon your blood & sonography reports. You will be personally consulted by our Freedom partners as per your medical condition. The program however is designed in a fashion that it suits all.